The NY Observer: The Power Nosh, 5765

Since as far back as the 1830′s, when New Yorkers first discovered the decadent joys of the Delmonico’s power lunch, the city’s political movers and business shakers have been sealing their deals over … trayf!

Hewing to a select list of see-and-be-seen spots-the Regency for breakfast, the Four Seasons for lunch-they have clinched mergers over crab cakes, bought buildings over pork shanks, and forged political alliances during three-martini lunches at the “21″ Club. It’s enough to make a Jewish mama weep.

But in the spring of 2002, when Mayor Michael Bloomberg and State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver needed a natty spot to negotiate what would become one of the signature deals of the Mayor’s term-the legislation that gave him control of the city’s public schools-the two power machers did something different.

Taking a sharp turn at Park Avenue and 49th Street, they headed to a steakhouse called the Prime Grill and hammered out an agreement over kosher steak and fries.

“I believe this was the key meal when they came to an understanding about the Mayor taking control,” said a source familiar with the tête-à-tête. “It was a three-hour lunch, 1 to 4 p.m.-just the two of them.”

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Posted by: Prime Hospitality Staff on May 23, 2005 @ 7:12 pm
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