Haaretz: In its prime, this kosher eatery

Joey Allaham’s kosher restaurants are making a big splash among celebs and business people in New York

Many restaurateurs have tried to serve glatt-kosher food of high quality, but have failed at the task. If they have succeeded at all, they have not managed to break out of the ultra-Orthodox circle of diners. Even in New York these restaurants are patronized by ultra-Orthodox or Orthodox Jews, and the menu is limited to familiar items that are difficult to define as gourmet. But many celebrities have already visited the Prime Grill, which is located in the heart of Manhattan, among them Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Donald Trump, Bono, Bill Gates and Donna Karan. And at the restaurant’s branch in Los Angles, which is also glatt kosher, Paris Hilton celebrated her birthday before she was arrested.


The American openness to ethnic food also contributes, of course, to the success of the Prime Grill in both locations. Although the restaurant is kosher, it serves an unusual combination of steaks and sushi. “My principle is to use the best ingredients. We get the fish from Japan, but the most important thing is the meat, which we buy from a farm in Iowa. At many restaurants they compromise on the quality and sell meat from Argentina or Uruguay, where it is cheaper. In South America they feed the cattle on grass and in the United States they feed it on corn, so that they get more fat and flavor. On the upper floors of the restaurant there are refrigerators where the beef is aged for 45 days. Since we are kosher, I have to do the entire aging process myself,” Allaham explains.

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