Should Businesses Ban Children?













Fox & Friends discusses whether business enforcing the “Brat Ban” are justified. Steven Traube, director of operations at Prime Hospitality Group weighs in.

From hotels and airlines to restaurants, children seem to be getting locked out of everything. But is this “war on kids” justified, or should it be stopped?

Steve Traube, director of operations at Prime Hospitality Group, says, “I’ve actually brought my sons numerous times to the restaurants and they really look forward to it. They learned to deal with service, to deal with sitting at a formal table. Why should the restaurants that children are allowed to go to be the fast-food restaurants? Why can’t they go to a restaurant where high-quality food is available? It’s a totally different type of concept where they could learn to be big kids rather than little children.”


Posted by: Prime Hospitality Staff on July 28, 2011 @ 8:49 pm
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